2021/06/01 02:35


We are pleased to announce that we have opened an online store for baccan original T-shirts.
We have the following four types of T-shirts (three colors each) and five types of prints.
To go to the t-shirt shop, please click on the banner below to go to another site.
We look forward to seeing you all there!
【Overseas purchase possible
*If your browser's language setting is set to something other than Japanese, you can also purchase from overseas.

■Tシャツの種類 / Type of T-shirts ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー

[MEN/WOMEN]レギュラーフィットTシャツ(半袖) / Regular fit T-shirt (short sleeves) ___¥3,500-
[MEN]ビッグシルエットTシャツ(半袖) / Big Silhouette T-Shirt (Short Sleeve) ___¥3,900-
[WOMEN]ビッグシルエットTシャツ(半袖) / Big Silhouette T-Shirt (Short Sleeve) ___¥3,900-
[KIDS]ヘビーウェイトTシャツ(半袖) / Heavyweight T-shirt (short sleeves) ___¥3,200-
(COLOR:White, black, gray)

■プリントの種類 / Type of prints ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー

[1] ORBYイラスト  / ORBY illustration
(※写真は[MEN/WOMEN]レギュラーフィットTシャツ(半袖)白 / Photo: [MEN/WOMEN] Regular Fit T-Shirt (Short Sleeve) White)

[2] CUBLAイラスト  / CUBLA illustration
(※写真は[WOMEN]ビッグシルエットTシャツ(半袖)黒 / Photo: [WOMEN] Big Silhouette T-shirt (Short-Sleeved) Black)

[3] ORBYビジュアル  / ORBY visual
(※写真は[MEN]ビッグシルエットTシャツ(半袖)灰 / Photo: [MEN] Big Silhouette T-Shirt (Short-Sleeved) Gray)

[4] CUBLAビジュアル  / CUBLA visual
(※写真は[KIDS]ヘビーウェイトTシャツ(半袖))黒 / Photo: [KIDS] Heavyweight T-Shirt (Short-Sleeved) Black)

[5] baccanロゴ  / baccan logo
(※写真は[MEN/WOMEN]レギュラーフィットTシャツ(半袖)白 / Photo: [MEN/WOMEN] Regular Fit T-Shirt (Short Sleeve) White)